Saturday, May 16, 2009

Art Exhibition : Advertising 2

Assalamualaikum. Grand Art Show of my class was held on last 13 May till 15 May. It was our final presentation of Advertising 2 subject. And it was totally awesome and great. I was presenting One Drop Perfumes as my client and Alhamdulillah Ive got a good response unless for certain part of the presentation. Besides the Art Show, we also doing side Graphic Corner such as bookmark and postcard. And the collection will be keep in the club fund. It recieved fully support by all the college staffs and students and not to forget, Mr Jebat (one of the cool photographer) also drop by at our Art Show. It was cool. I just met him for the first time and i knew he is cool.

Miss Fiela and I. (Ms Fiela is a great instructor of all time)

Myself on presentation day.

Again. Why i chose to wear those baju melayu? Because ive found that Baju Melayu is a formal traditional wear. So, keep in mind that baju melayu also formal attire okay.

Presenters and the Instructor (some of them)

Me and my presentation items. Cool aite?

This is Ayu and her PI (Presentation Items).All in black. Cool.

This is Ita and her PI. Also cool.

Ayu and again with my PI. Super cool.

This is my maid and I. We are both cool.

My best mates. Lagi la cool kan. Main ambil2 gambar.

That's all i can tell about the art show. I used to type all them along but now, "picture speaks louder than words."

ps. So so what? Im still a rock star. Cant wait for Diploma Show on June.


BiTeMe! said...

the first pic 2 u comel kot. haha

i xske advert. banyak sgt yg nak kene ingat.

Mrs Wawan said...

siaw..! gua maid lu..!

suezensuzanna said...

aiyak..miss my exhibition time dolu2...huhuhu

cokolat said...

canteklah gambar2 tu semua!!!
gud job!!!!

banyak kali akak tgk ni.. xpuas!