Friday, November 11, 2011


have you ever wonder how this oversize woman can be soooo damn pretty stylish? The answer is confident. If you feel confident in what you do, what youre wearing, then u should be fine. But above all this, how you carried yourself in those dress. Once I saw her blog, I fall for her already. If you may ask whose inspire me to be outstanding in my fashion, my answer always be Lady Gaga her. Here some previews from her blog;

Pictures credited to Georgina Doull

See, she is perfect isnt she? So, if you are fat, please kindly not to wear leggings without any skirt, it'll turnout to be fugly. And remember, please not to wear any dress that the size wasnt fit you at all. It'll turnout to be fuckinfugly then. If you have any argument on having dress for a day, you can always refer to her blog. Lucky enough that i'm not a girl. If imma girl, then she might have a competition. sowhatchawaitingfor?

and have fun.



tia said...

jeles dengan dia, stylo gila.

koken said...

tapi aku tade lagi konfiden mcm dia ni..haihhh sodihh sodihh