Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm Not Gonna Give it up

"Pay No Attention to Boundaries." Carlana Stone,pg 127

Yes, well, we do believe boundary's exist. But, sometimes the boundary is the people surround you. Your mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, best friend, friends, even yourself.

Somehow, people don't want to see you succeed anything in your life and they ask you to accept who you are and not going further in your life. Well, you are a loser if you do that. You shouldn't listen a dime from this kind of people.

Otherwise, it's just break our heart and we will lose our spirit.

I believe there is always boundaries in everything we do. I always believed.

But, we can say no to them, maybe we're just hoping on it. Break it or spare it for another time.

Try this (exercise from Carlana);

Pick out any goals you want to achieve and write down all of them. Write down a game plan, decide on path, and explore the consequences. Then ACT. You may change your strategy if you need along the way.

You will find that no matter how big or small your goals are, no matter what happen, you succeed or not, you will feel proud and realize because no matter what it is, at least you know that you already done your best and you will satisfy yourself. You will feel greater to control your life. You can study your goodness and weakness at the same time.

So, if people out there always ask you to stop, you shouldn't listen. They are just the breakers. No matter what condition youre in, you must know, that there's nobody can give you what you want. It always you and that is only you can live your dream come true.

People will say anything to make them feel great. So, if there's a voice of deniable of objection, just pretend you are not listening. they are the true boundaries.

Just like mine, my uncle just say that i may be useless and he is expected. So im just trying to be cool because he said badly things about me while don't know anything about me. And let see what happen to all his four sons and a daughter. What will they be? I will be greater than all of them because that is my goal.

Goal: Be greater than my uncle's children.
Consequences: Haters, haters and haters.
Path: 1.Study 2.Get a Dip 3.Get a job while degree 4.Married to a wonderful woman.
My Action: Now i am in my number one achieving for my second.

What would you expecting, try this, it will be so much fun and you will feel very release. And you will be just fine and happy. At least i can lose some tension.

xoxo.Try this.

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