Tuesday, May 27, 2014

First Day of Being 25th - Happy Birthday Wafi

Firstoff, Happy 25th Birthday to me. Not sure if I am getting older or younger. Age seems like just a number to me (nak sedapkan hati je ni).
I have to thanks so many people for wishing me my birthday and those people with effort to beautifulize my bday. Awwwwww! I cant thank you enough for that.
Now I would like to tell you the story that happened during my celebration day. Few months back, ive been told that there are going to be no celebration for me this year. And im fine with that. On my bday, most of my inner circle did not wish me, properly, at all. And before the school ends, we gathered in a room for bday wishes to another colleague whod shared the same bday date with me. I am still fine. No matter what. Well i wont request for that eh. Endup, dismissed and everyone seems to pack and "leave" to go back home.
Suddenly, one of my colleagues kinda asked me a favour to change her spare tyre on her car. So my pleasure to help until we reached the lobby, suddenly I was blindfolded, and being pushed in a car. Argh, i knew it! Miahaha. And they nailed that beautifully. So they drove the car for quite sometimes and we reached the location. Being dragged into a place which i dont know, and once they lift my blinder, VOILAHH we are all in a restaurant and suddenly theyve put a very large hat on my head with the theme from Alice in Wonderland and ive become the Mad Hatter. Some became the rabbit, the cat and theyve put the playing cards scatterly on the dining table. It was lovely and it was really a wonderland-like.
After few while, here comes the cake! It was a very huge-sized owl cake and we sang after, then weve cut it into tiny pieces. It was a very nice cake tho despite of fighting emotion of not cutting the owl because it was so damn beautiful and cute.
My friends prepared so many present for me and I felt pempered so much with whatever happening around. 1st present is a beautiful "music player" cap. 2nd present is two minions figurine. 3rd is a mix of owl stuff (calculator, passport cover) and Totoro stuff (VCD, keychain). 4th is a rattan stick (hehehe). 5th is a wonderful bagpack and an owl keychain on it, awwww. And not to forget, that ive recieved the most wonderful card ever as it is a custom-made card and it is so owlsomely beautiful.
The utmost special gift that ive ever recieved in my whole entire life is a video presentation for me, about me to be clear. And it was made by my fellow friends. After present-giving, all of us sitting at one side and they place a laptop at the center and we watched the video together. It was a compilation of my video together with all other teachers and after half of the video, ive broke into tears and i just couldnt hold it anymore longer. With audio effects of few songs make it even more harder to digest. After half of the video, there are the compilation of greeting wishes from my friends and to be honest, i couldnt read much im struggle with mixed feeling passing through the emotion. To see and real all of those beautiful messages had obviously touched my heart wholeheartedly. After the video ended, i turn my face around and ive seeb alot of people also shedding tears and it was a very very emotional moment for all of us. It was a total silent after the video and i couldnt thank the  enough for whatever they have done to me.
I have never thought that i have touched so many hearts and how close they can be to me whether they are my local friends or my foreigner friends. I felt showered and pempered by all of the things that they have done to me. I wish and i hope, our friendship will stay on forever, wherever i may go.
I bet, soon farewell will be the next emotional thing for me to get through but i will. I wish i could stay but i am still thinking and depending on God's fate now.
Well, shed the tears and hold my head up high. I should be proud that i am still given a chance to celebrate my 25th bday and showered with all the wonderful wishes from all my friends and families. God bless you guys!
Last but not least, HB Awafi!
*post in English didedikasikan kepada kawan2 sekolah yang tak reti cakap bahasa melayu. Hikhikhik. Sayang awak semua!

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