Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014 and Hello 2015

It's been really wild! Yes, so wild.

Despite of all the wildness, I have learnt. So much! Started of 'still grieving' of my late grandma earlier this year and I have to admit that that is the most hardest thing I have went through so far, in life! Still not easy for me now. To be honest, I have a picture of my grandma that I've pasted on my wall so I can still see her beautiful face everyday. That's not easy, somehow I make it through Alhamdulillah. Along the way, I have visited few places this year like Malacca, Penang OMG, I LOVE PENANG so much. Everything seems to be perfect over there. Someday, I would really like to stay working in Penang. I love the food, the place and above of all, I love the people. I also went to Bandung somewhere in February (if im not mistaken) and yes, I love Bandung too. It's just a little bit too crowded for me but still, love it.

My birthday party has been really memorable this year since this is my last year celebrating birthday with my beloved Austin colleagues, still it's not easy though. My friends made a video compiling my pictures with everybody and that's the best gift ever after my owl gifts and my customade Owl's cake. I cried, alot, sadly not only me have cried, almost everybody cried on that day (Lol). I have worked at Austin Heights Schools since August 2011 until July 2014 and that's almost 3 years. Of course I have been so close to my dear students and colleagues and I have loved them so much. However, due to so many problem that I have encountered with the school management, I've chose to leave. Sad! But I've got to do what I've got to do.

Moving on to Fairview, seems that it's not working out and not gonna work anyway. I've chose to come back to my previous school but they only want me back by January. Of course I cannot wait for 3 months without proper job. So I've browsed through the wholelot Johore Bahru seeking for a job. Thank goodness, Marlborough College Malaysia have accepted me! Alhamdulillah, so I started there somewhere in October. It was really fun and I have met so many wonderful people there! The only thing is I am not a teacher there. Just a teaching assistant. However, my teacher, Mihaela Marcovici is so awesome. She makes me feel wanted and always make me feel very important in the artroom. Once a while, she let me handle some art lessons. I can never thank enough to her. She is such an amazing person I have ever met. Sadly, I've changed my mind again and, I've turned to Tenby Schools at Setia Eco Gardens. It was so hard. I started to love everybody in Marlborough and to my surprise, my fellow teaching assistants make a surprise farewell party for me. It was a grande party, with helium balloons tied to the chair, sash, goodies bag with alphabet 'W' on it, dinner and wonderful gift. Of course, it was really memorable moment for me too.

Half-month ago, I have started working at Tenby! So far so effing good. I've been given a laptop for our own use (of course for the sake of the lesson!) And I am looking forward to see all the students once they come back from the holidays!

I don't have any new year's resolutions as it's never work for me! I dont mind what's my 2015 gonna be, I had enough of 2014 so bring it on!

Anyway, There are so many people I've met and there are so many people that I wanna thank to but it will be never enough to just mention them here.

With this opportunity, on the new year's eve I would like to say thank you to everybody just to let you know that I am always thankful for being given a chance to meet you and it's such an honour to have you in my life! I am not who I am today, without YOU!

Thank You & Happy New Year 2015


Anonymous said...

hi.. may i know how's tenby school? i keep hear abt that school. btw, i'm also an art teacher in private school somewhere in jb..

Abdul Wafi said...

Hello there,

Teanby is just amazing as it is. Definitely there some flaws but the best place Ive ever work so far.

Where are you teaching?