Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wow Lama Sangat Dah Ni

Yup I know, It's been so so so so so so long since my last post. I have to give up giving excuses anymore. Hehehe. My apologize to that.

Tenby has been real amazing! In fact, the best working place ever. It is totally different than the other typical international schools in JB.

The school is so much fun. We also operates both International syllabus and National syllabus. It's like we're having two schools at the same time. It's just, for the time being National only has two classes, Form 1 and Form 2. Next year, definitely, we'll have more than that. National Principal is so kind and a person I want to work with. He is definitely not a 'boss' but a 'leader'. In JB, it's so hard to find a leader but there are so many bosses who's bossing around in front of your nose. Pretty sick huh?

That's why I've been busy. Bukan sibuk mengajar je, dengan kelas Wawasan lagi, dan juga kelas CICTL yang disponsor oleh sekolah.

I am very thankful of all these changes and I hope I can be a better person in future.


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